lauantai 29. lokakuuta 2011

Tärkeintä on näyttää kiireiseltä

Its getting colder and colder in helsinki! Tomorrow im off to hunt for a new winter coat! Wish me luck ;)

Huomenna alkaa uuden talvitakin metsästys! Toivottavasti jotain ilmaantuu ;)

jacket hm
shirt hm
jeans zara
earrings gina tricot
shoes jeffrey campbell

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  1. love this post and also your blog. I follow you!
    pass to my blog and if it likes you, follow me back :D

  2. Sulla on aivan ihana tyyli ja blogi! =)

  3. I Like <3


  4. I'm very glad to run into your blog! You're abvious sense of style is the reason number 1, but secondly I love Helsinki! It's awesome to see such a stylish girl from the city with such an amazing atmosphere!

    You fur leather jacket truly rocks!

    Following your blog dear! And I'll be happy to see you among my beautiful followers too!



  5. Your jacket is so cute, I love the layers of this look. The touch of leopard is really great too :)


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