perjantai 7. tammikuuta 2011

All I'd want is you to be my sweet honey bee

Barry Louis Polisar - All I Want Is You


Maybe i should start listening country music? After 1000 repeats of this song it sounds kinda good!

I added also my christmas present perfumes! I adore both of them, but the problem is that .... i dont feel like they fit the winter.. ;( Or does it matter? what do you think?

Joulupukki toi hajuvesejä! Ihaneja on mutta onkelma vaan kun ei jotenkin ehkä ole kauheen talvisia nuo. ;( vai?

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  1. Marc Jacobs Daisy is my absolute fave..
    I havent bought Escada in ages but its such a summery Perfume.. Least when you wear it you can escape winter for a little bit?

    I'm in australia it's super hot at the moment what I wouldnt do for another bottle of Daisy!

  2. i also bought one of those owl rings from h&m. :)
    love your blog ! xx

  3. Great velvet tights!! You look amazing in it.
    You have a new follower.
    Follow me back ;)?

    x Floor

  4. Love your hat and the pictures are stunning!!

    I'd really appreciate it if you could stop by sometime!!:)

  5. Great pictures! Love the furry hat x

  6. Really lovely pics. I like the pic with your jewelry ♥
    I follow you now (:

  7. wow!!!!awesome!!!favolous pics :D are magic!!! you're woonderfull!!!loove your blog,i follow you!!!

  8. Your blog is great; I'm following now. :)
    I've been searching for a great perfume, and Daisy's definitely on my list!

  9. beautiful room! you look lovely and some some amazing things!

    The Flower Girl


  10. voi luoja, miten ihana huone ! oon aivan mykistynyt. sulle sopii todella söpösti toi karvahattu <:

  11. haluun samanlaisen huoneen ku sulla :))


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