maanantai 22. maaliskuuta 2010

all i wanna do is bang bang bang

ahh. new mac and everything's a mess!!! This is a small post, because i reaaaally didn't want to spend ANY MORE TIME fighting with aperture or photoshop... and right now i'm totally sick with this whole mac thing so maybe if i just close it as soon as possible, i can co-operate with HER better tomorrow. (she = the mac)

Oh yes and my shoes broke. YAY my socks were wet all day. Maybe tomorrow is a better day. Bad Hair Day - never a good day.

4 kommenttia:

  1. Oh gosh must have been horrible, broking shoes since I've heard it snowed yesterday and today in Helsinki again :O

  2. Haha I see :D
    I go to Finland on Friday thats why I asked XD

    and, thank you <33 I like your blog too :3
    Well I used to write in English for some time haha but I dont know I am more in the mood for German in the last time XD (my old blog was always in english.. for 2 years haha)

  3. Hahaha yeah you always find more mistakes in your own language as in another language because you are actually supposed to be able to write anything in your language right XD

    I am gonna visit my friends in Turku :) but on Saturday I am in Helsinki for a party <3
    Well I do love Finland in general and have been there a year ago too :3
    And of course this time I wanna see soemthing also of finland in summer <3 so I think I'll go twice :]

  4. Haha no problem :D
    I do know that people in Helsinki do hate people in Turku, and people in Turku hate people in Tampere and bla XD but I dont care since first I am foreigner and second I am open for anybody :D

    but I really cant wait <3 my flight goes tomorrow morning :D


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