maanantai 28. syyskuuta 2009

Kun uni ei tuu

Today's outfit. I realized when i left home that i wasn't wearing nothing but black and gray ;D My mother (she uses only black basically) would have been proud!

Ja sit vähän suomee sekaan tähän soppaan. Koeviikko on ohi ,___, loma loppu yhyy. Koeviikko tuntu et ois kokoajan lomal : DDD oon laiska. Oli ihan lungii ja niin edelleen. Espanja 8, ruotsi 8+ (saitansihfasjf), äikkä molemmat esseet 5/6, ussa no jotakuinki venaan todistukseen 10.

Salee oli vielä jotain muutakin, mutta eipä tuu miälee. Mutta elämä on niinkun paljon vessapaperii, eli hyvin pyyhkii! _D

Nyt pitäis vielä jaksaa alottaa panostus. as if. KOSKA: On vain yksi oikea aika aloittaa panostamaan kouluun:


sunnuntai 27. syyskuuta 2009

Autumn came without asking

I was going to do a post with pics for EVERY outfit i've been wearing this week. One or two pics per day. The only thing went wrong was that i only made it till tuesday........ ! damn. XD Maybe some other time. . . Well here is the tuesday anyway. And random stuff i've taken this autumn.


Oh YEAH. And here was the monday:




keskiviikko 16. syyskuuta 2009


My mother had bought new shoes for activity, like nordicwalking. They were suppose to be healthy for your feet. I just HAD TO take them ;D;D I think they are fuckin' cool !! haha. And walking felt funny.. What do you think?

Winter is coming and i need a new winter coat. I hope this year the coats look better than last year... I'm thinking about buying a bit more expensive but QUALITY coat. Winters in Finland can sometimes be -25 Celsius. (-13 Fahrenheit) so it need to be WARM. Helsinki is in the coast-side so the wind can be pretty bad. So, do you know any good looking coats?

Shirt: Sonia Rykiel
Jeans: Mango

lauantai 5. syyskuuta 2009

Gloria fashionshow 2009

YEAH! Today was fun! Me and Ida went to see Finnish magazine GLORIA's fashion show! I didn't take any photos from the actual show. (The clothes weren't anything THAT amazing ;D) There was a lot of NICE STUFF but not mind blowing. Except!! The men... Me and Ida had not survived without sparking wine and chocolate.

We just had to take pics from us on the runway ;D We were like kids playing ! Maybe the sparkling wine had something to do with it, huh?

The place was nice. Me and Ida SHOULD HAVE COME EARLIER :DD We couldn't see the shoes well, because we were at the backseat. :( After show we just sat in a park eating ice-cream and listening CRAPPY MUSIC ! ;D;D Chillin' like a villain.

Haha. Funny looking at the pics. I look like I'm having hangover x 8000 ;D (Even tho i'm NOT)




torstai 3. syyskuuta 2009

Heräänhän Ruususen suukkoon?

Katsoiko kukaan muu eilen Maria!-ohjelmaa? Olin ihan kikseissä ! love love love...

This is a bit more romantic post ;) I'm at home listening Celine Dion in french. I'd sing with this, but i can't, damn. I just pretend i can! Maybe some day i really do..

Jewelry: ILOA

Today is time to party ! There is big fireworks in Helsinki today! Great way to relax... Right now i feel like i could take a long long long bath and sleep =)
Acta est fabula, nunc plaudite!