sunnuntai 16. elokuuta 2009

Tell me something i don't know !

I found this shirt from a second hand shop when they had this "All for 3€"-day. UFF in Isoroobertinkatu. The place was full of these kind of shirts. ( i don't know WHAT THE HELL THESE FLANNEL SHIRTS ARE IN ENGLISH >.< *frustration*) Anyway, i think this shirt has beautiful colors. It's just that everybody, i mean everybody, has this kind of a shirt... And i wanted to find more personal way to wear it than just skinny jeans and sneakers.

I can't help myself feeling like this one needs a hat.. :P

Success or failure?

And i'm also frustrated with the fact that I don't know if i have anyone to photograph me in the future... I've been taking most of these pics myself with a self timer. Don't take me wrong, i'm quite satisfied with the pics, just OUR HOUSE IS GETTING BORING TO TAKE PICS IN. I've used every corner that has any potential. And i'm embarrassed to walk outside with a stand taking pics of myself. cry cry cry. Maybe i'll find someone.

Sorry if and when my ENGLISH IS TERRIBLE !"!!!shfskdhlfoi asdf.

5 kommenttia:

  1. It looks good on you, you should keep it!
    And I totally recognize your problem, I always take pictures with the self timer but pictures outside looks much better, so I sometimes ask my sister if she want to make pictures outside haha

    I like your blog btw!

  2. Love the blouse, great colors! <3

  3. I like the way you created your outfit!

    I would do pics of you... but we are too far!

    the singular

  4. Absolutely success!!
    P.S. I have your skirt, too :D

  5. I have the same problem! My sister sometimes takes photos of me grudgingly, but I don't have the nerve to stand outside with a tripod and timer! Gorgeous outfit though, and if I could I should photograph you, only I am in England.


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